Special Golden Puppy

The Golden Retriever, of its small name Goldie, is renowned for its kindness, docility and intelligence.
With an exceptional, sociable character, he is gentle with children and loves to invest in the life of his masters. So if you have tenderness to offer and time to devote to it, he will return it with a devotion every day. He will undoubtedly be the most loyal protector of your home, the confidant of your children. A member of the family in its own right you will not be able to do without!

The Goldie possesses a powerful and balanced physique; the head, well proportioned, has a wide muzzle and drooping ears of medium size. The eyes are hazel-colored and well apart, giving him a frank and nice look. The tail, worn at the back, is of medium length and never bent. The hair is supplied and wavy, half-long, with a thick undercoat making the fur waterproof. The dress is beige to cream or coffee with milk. The tip of the legs is round, the claws of light color. The truffle is black and shiny. In fact, the Golden looks a lot like his cousin Labrador , with a longer fur; but in contrast to the latter, the colors white, black, chocolate and mahogany are not allowed.

From the golden retriever puppy characteristics that it is naturally attracted by water! It is a dog that really needs human company. It likes to make itself useful and participate in the activities of the family. Thus, it is easy to educate because he loves to please his master and satisfy his expectations. The standard of the breed attributes him many qualities: docile, intelligent, gifted for work, friendly and confident of him. A golden dog apparently! But beware, Goldie needs regular physical exercise and access to outdoor space.

On the maintenance side, the Golden Retriever requires a weekly brushing, absolutely necessary because of the thickness of its fur and especially the undercoat by removing the dead hair, the dog’s skin will be able to breathe better.

Moreover, brushing is a privileged moment with the master, where Goldie feels totally at the center of attention and it’s good for his morale! Besides the long walks, it is a great idea to take it to swim You’ll see, the Goldie loves to swim in the water and bring back sticks, balls or frisbees, whether in water or on dry land.


The Golden Retriever, is prone to overweight therefore a special care should be taken to provide a diet that is appropriate to the child’s gender, age, lifestyle and physical activity. Do not hesitate to offer him chewing bones or other treats.

Because of its sensitive nature, it is necessary to “educate” it and not to “train” it. His education must be precocious, firm, but never coercive. The balanced character of the Golden puppy naturally aims to help the visually impaired, it is an excellent handicapped guide dog (relationship of objects and soft and friendly contact with people) and his extraordinary flair makes him an excellent Customs dog for the search for narcotics. His training in hunting requires a little subtlety to report everything and order only.