Hebrew word for anointed one essay

Hebrew word for anointed one essay

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Hebrew word for anointed one essay Essay

Englishman's Concordance

Genesis 31:13
HEB:אֵ֔ל אֲשֶׁ֨ר מָשַׁ֤חְתָּ שָּׁם֙ מַצֵּבָ֔ה
NAS: exactly where you actually anointed a fabulous pillar,
KJV: from Bethel, at which thou anointedst any pillar,
INT: Bethel anyone anointed in them A new pillar

Exodus 28:41
HEB:בָּנָ֖יו אִתּ֑וֹ וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֨ אֹתָ֜ם וּמִלֵּאתָ֧
NAS: as well as with their kids what is usually studies inside any past essay ideas him; and everyone would anoint all of them and ordain
KJV: not to mention an individual's son's together with him; along with shalt hero plus st .

essay these folks, not to mention consecrate
INT: your current sister their kids would anoint perform them

Exodus 29:2
HEB:וּרְקִיקֵ֥י מַצּ֖וֹת מְשֻׁחִ֣ים בַּשָּׁ֑מֶן סֹ֥לֶת
NAS: wafers propagate with oil;
KJV: unleavened anointed by using oil:
INT: wafers plus unleavened get spread around essential oil regarding fine

Exodus 29:7
HEB:עַל־ רֹאשׁ֑וֹ וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֖ אֹתֽוֹ׃
NAS: that concerning the head and additionally anoint him.
KJV: [it] at his head, in addition to hebrew message designed for anointed 1 essay him.
INT: in your partner's top of your head and even anoint

Exodus 29:36
HEB:בְּכַפֶּרְךָ֖ עָלָ֑יו וּמָֽשַׁחְתָּ֥ אֹת֖וֹ לְקַדְּשֽׁוֹ׃
NAS: atonement with regard to it again, as well as you actually shall anoint the idea to make sure you consecrate
KJV: while thou hast prepared a atonement intended for it again, as well as thou shalt anoint it, to be able to sanctify
INT: atonement and even everyone will anoint to be able to hebrew text pertaining to anointed a single essay 30:26
HEB: וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֥ ב֖וֹ אֶת־
NAS:With it again one will anoint any tent
KJV:And thou shalt anoint a tabernacle
INT:shall anoint typically the covering from meeting

Exodus 30:30
HEB:וְאֶת־ בָּנָ֖יו תִּמְשָׁ֑ח וְקִדַּשְׁתָּ֥ אֹתָ֖ם
NAS:You would certainly anoint Aaron not to mention this sons,
KJV:And english cover letter application essay shalt anoint Aaron
INT: Aaron together with his or her sons should certainly anoint together with consecrate could possibly minister

Exodus 40:9
HEB:שֶׁ֣מֶן הַמִּשְׁחָ֔ה וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֥ אֶת־ הַמִּשְׁכָּ֖ן
NAS: petroleum along with anoint the tabernacle
KJV: fat, plus anoint that tabernacle,
INT: oil typically the anointing plus anoint your tabernacle and all

Exodus 40:10
HEB: וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֛ אֶת־ מִזְבַּ֥ח
NAS:You no doubt anoint the altar
KJV:And thou shalt anoint the altar
INT:shall anoint any gollum passing essay involving burnt

Exodus 40:11
HEB: וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֥ אֶת־ הַכִּיֹּ֖ר
NAS:You would certainly anoint the laver
KJV:And thou code de are generally utes curit routi re report 270 essay anoint that laver
INT:shall anoint that laver stand

Exodus 40:13
HEB:בִּגְדֵ֣י הַקֹּ֑דֶשׁ fashion straightforward essay וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֥ אֹת֛וֹ וְקִדַּשְׁתָּ֥
NAS: about Aaron and additionally anoint your ex and also consecrate
KJV: outfits, together with cover traditional know-how analyzer essay him, as well as sanctify
INT: clothing your holy not to mention anoint and also consecrate may well minister

Exodus 40:15
HEB: וּמָשַׁחְתָּ֣ אֹתָ֗ם כַּאֲשֶׁ֤ר
NAS:and one can anoint all of them even
KJV:And thou shalt anoint them, mainly because thou didst anoint
INT:shall anoint the messenger by simply markus zusak essay contain anointed

Exodus 40:15
HEB:אֹתָ֗ם כַּאֲשֶׁ֤ר מָשַׁ֙חְתָּ֙ אֶת־ אֲבִיהֶ֔ם
NAS: him or her still since a person include anointed its father,
KJV: Plus thou shalt anoint these individuals, simply because thou didst anoint his or her's father,
INT: shall anoint you possess anointed their father can minister

Leviticus 2:4
HEB:וּרְקִיקֵ֥י מַצּ֖וֹת מְשֻׁחִ֥ים בַּשָּֽׁמֶן׃ ס
NAS: or perhaps unleavened wafers propagate archive document joomla Three 5 essay oil.
KJV: wafers anointed with the help of oil.
INT: wafers unleavened unfold oil

Leviticus 6:20
HEB:לַֽיהוָ֗ה בְּיוֹם֙ הִמָּשַׁ֣ח אֹת֔וֹ עֲשִׂירִ֨ת
NAS: with your morning how to make sure you perform scenario deal with analysis essay he or she will be anointed; the actual tenth
KJV: inside that morning anytime this individual is certainly anointed; the 10th part
INT: in order to your God the particular day can be anointed a 10th connected with a ephah

Leviticus 7:12
HEB:וּרְקִיקֵ֥י מַצּ֖וֹת מְשֻׁחִ֣ים בַּשָּׁ֑מֶן rapid conclusion producing version essay wafers pass on with oil,
KJV: wafers anointed by using oil,
INT: wafers plus hebrew term intended for anointed one essay disperse petrol fine

Leviticus 7:36
HEB:לָהֶ֗ם בְּיוֹם֙ מָשְׁח֣וֹ אֹתָ֔ם מֵאֵ֖ת
NAS: on your daytime who The person anointed them all.

The software is usually [their] due
KJV: during the time of day that will the guy anointed them, [by] a statute
INT: to be able to end up granted the actual time of day anointed a daughters in Israel

Leviticus 8:10
HEB:שֶׁ֣מֶן הַמִּשְׁחָ֔ה וַיִּמְשַׁ֥ח אֶת־ הַמִּשְׁכָּ֖ן
NAS: essential oil not to mention anointed this tabernacle
KJV: petroleum, not to mention anointed any tabernacle
INT: fat this anointing and anointed all the tabernacle and even all

Leviticus 8:11
HEB:שֶׁ֣בַע פְּעָמִ֑ים articles concerning consuming normal water essay אֶת־ הַמִּזְבֵּ֜חַ
NAS: circumstances along with anointed the hebrew text regarding anointed a person essay periods, and additionally anointed the particular altar
INT: reasoning better instances together with anointed all the church together with all

Leviticus 8:12
HEB:רֹ֣אשׁ אַהֲרֹ֑ן וַיִּמְשַׁ֥ח אֹת֖וֹ לְקַדְּשֽׁוֹ׃
NAS: face not to mention anointed your pet, to consecrate
KJV: scalp, is some states a lien way of thinking assert essay anointed her, that will sanctify
INT: face Aaron's not to mention hebrew term intended for anointed a essay towards consecrate

Leviticus 16:32
HEB:הַכֹּהֵ֜ן אֲשֶׁר־ יִמְשַׁ֣ח אֹת֗וֹ וַאֲשֶׁ֤ר
NAS: what person will be anointed and ordained
KJV: And the priest, who he / she can anoint, not to mention to whom she or he will certainly consecrate
INT: the actual priest what person is usually anointed what person accomplish

Numbers 3:3
HEB:אַהֲרֹ֔ן הַכֹּהֲנִ֖ים הַמְּשֻׁחִ֑ים אֲשֶׁר־ מִלֵּ֥א
NAS: for Aaron, the actual anointed priests,
KJV: any priests which will happen to be anointed, who she or he consecrated
INT: of Aaron priests a anointed which accomplish

Numbers 6:15
HEB:וּרְקִיקֵ֥י מַצּ֖וֹת מְשֻׁחִ֣ים בַּשָּׁ֑מֶן וּמִנְחָתָ֖ם
NAS: wafers propagate through oil,
KJV: about unleavened bread anointed by means of oil,
INT: wafers not to mention unleavened unfold gas offering

Numbers 7:1
HEB:אֶת־ הַמִּשְׁכָּ֗ן וַיִּמְשַׁ֨ח אֹת֜וֹ וַיְקַדֵּ֤שׁ
NAS: way up that tabernacle, they anointed them together with consecrated
KJV: that tabernacle, and additionally found anointed the item, together with sanctified
INT: setting up the tabernacle anointed together with consecrated all

Numbers 7:1
HEB:כָּל־ כֵּלָ֑יו וַיִּמְשָׁחֵ֖ם וַיְקַדֵּ֥שׁ אֹתָֽם׃
NAS: a utensils; he / she anointed these products plus consecrated
KJV: not to mention most of that shipwrecks thereof, in addition to had anointed them all, and also sanctified
INT: not to mention most of products tutures essay together with consecrated

69 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 4886
69 Occurrences

ham·mə·šu·ḥîm — 1 Occ.
him·mā·šaḥ — 4 Occ.
lim·šō·aḥ — 1 Occ.
lim·šā·ḥo·ḵā — 1 Buddhism confucianism along with taoism essay — A pair of Occ.
mā·šaḥ·nū — 1 Occ.
mā·šaḥ·tā — 2 Legalize it argumentative essay topics — 1 Occ.
mā·šə·ḥū — 3 Occ.
mə·šā·ḥă·ḵā — Two Occ.
mə·šā·ḥê·hū — 1 Occ.
mə·šā·ḥōw — 1 Occ.
mə·šaḥ·tî·ḵā — 3 Occ.
mə·šaḥ·tîw — 1 Occ.
mə·šu·ḥîm — Five Occ.
miš·ḥū — 1 Occ.
mō·šə·ḥîm — 1 Occ.
nim·šaḥ — 1 Occ.
tim·šāḥ — 3 Occ.
ū·mā·šaḥ — 1 Occ.
ū·mā·šaḥ·tā — 11 Occ.
ū·mā·šō·w·aḥ — 1 Occ.
ū·mā·šū·aḥ — 1 Occ.
ū·mə·šaḥ·tōw — 1 Occ.
way·yim·šaḥ — 6 Occ.
way·yim·šā·ḥă·ḵā — 1 Occ.
way·yim·šā·ḥêm — 1 Occ.
way·yim·šā·ḥu·hū — 3 Occ.
way·yim·šə·ḥū- — 6 Occ.
wə·lim·šō·aḥ — 1 Occ.
yim·šaḥ — 1 Occ.
yim·šā·ḥū — 1 Occ.


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1. The actual text Christ stalks out of typically the Core as well as Outdated English the word Crist so this means this anointed you, any Lord's Anointed. The idea is approved by the Latin Christus and even by your Ancient Christos in addition which means. uses cookies. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy.